Eligeo Exim Solution’s Digitally Printable Fabric Takes the New York Fashion Week by Storm!

Eligeo Exim Solution has made its way to the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) with its digitally printable fabric. The company conceptualized the idea during the pandemic in 2020 and got registered with the IEC code and all formalities required for export by mid-2021. The idea of manufacturing garments wasn’t getting the desired outcome, so the company decided to get designers’ prints on the fabric and send them back. Two designers, Johanna Ortiz from Colombia and Jaline Resort of New York, responded to the idea. Jaline’s trust issues were resolved by insisting on a credit card payment. After resolving several hassles, the company exported the first order in August of 2022. The company’s niche was speed, and they delivered the goods on short notice. The company decided to concentrate on the US market and particularly New York due to the ease of sending samples and consignments. By December 2022, the company had three more designers on board, and Ms. Jacqueline Lopez of Jaline supported the company by giving good feedback to those who called her for reference check. The company received a response from Ms. Paige Gillagan of Collina Strada on December 15, 2022, asking for swatches. The fabric was to be delivered in New York before the end of January, and the company took up the challenge despite the doubts. The company sourced another vendor as a backup, which worked out, and they delivered the fabric by the end of January. The company was motivated to deliver at any cost, even if it meant losing money. The company’s digitally printable fabric was showcased at the NYFW, which is a significant achievement for a company that is just starting.

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